survival guide for uni students explained

So, what is the Survival Guide for University Students?

Before I started this blog, I had asked people around me what type of content they would like to see. The highest number of responses revolved around my experience at my university, a survival guide for students. After getting more feedback, I decided to go along with it.

However, I didn’t want the Survival Guide to just be a list of blog posts I’d be writing and leaving them here like I used to do on my previous blog. Instead, I wanted it to be personalised as if I was giving advice in real time to current students. As if I was speaking to them directly.

So I decided to make it as this blog’s newsletter.

The Survival Guide for University Student is a weekly newsletter that will guide you with specially catered advice, from Orientation week all the way to exam time!

It is a bundle of effective tips and tricks that will prepare you before, during and after the semester.* It’s like getting a letter from a friend every week, who wants to help you out.

What to expect:

  • A weekly email, in which each week will focus on a relevant topic that syncs with the current week* you’re going through as a student.
  • An update on new related blog posts, so you are most welcome to sign up to be up-to-date with the blog even though you have already graduated.
  • Exclusive tips that you won’t be able to find on the blog.

When does it start?

The official Survival Guide for University Students newsletter will start as from mid-July during Orientation week*, but I am currently sending out weekly updates, and I will be doing so all year long.

So you can sign up at any time and this newsletter open to EVERYONE!

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If you’ve come this far, I dare you to ask at least one friend to sign up with you! Redirect them to this page.

You guys can ACE your university experience together 😉

D. K. Waye.

*The scholarly calendar I’m using is that of Monash University, which follows the Australian system. If you are not from an Australian university, no worries. You can still sign up and learn a lot from this blog 🙂