As a university student, I’ve always felt pressured to be constantly working on my assignments or studying for future tests. Free time? How about I catch up on last week’s readings? And don’t forget to revise your lecture notes!

And the moment I felt like taking a break, I’d feel guilty because time is scarce and precious… I should be productive at all times.

Does that sound a lot like you too?

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ways to stay focused

If you’re in Malaysia, here’s to a long weekend, right in the middle of the semester! It’s Merdeka! Perfect time to chill and/or party! Or is it, really? Many of us would use this opportunity to catch up on school work, because, let’s admit it, the past few weeks were hard on us.

University is a beast sometimes. You come in for the first weeks, chill for a while, and slowly dive into the programme. And without warning, there’s suddenly a pile of assignments before you! How did we get here?!

And since then, we’ve been running around like headless chickens, struggling to catch up on readings and tutorials, while meeting all the deadlines. And oh, here it comes, the sweet call of procrastination. Where’s the motivation to work? How do you stay focused?

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practice self-care

You may have wondered why I haven’t been posting anything for a week. Part of me felt like, with the rush of assignments and classes you are currently going through, one blog post a week would be enough and not too overwhelming. But the other part of me was like, I just don’t feel like it.

I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. With all the unexpected things that life throws our way, you may not always feel like yourself too. That’s why I want to write about self-care today.

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travelling as a student

I apologise for being MIA (Missing In Action) for a whole week on this blog. Last week I went on a break by travelling to Penang—no email checking, no writing and nothing related to ‘work’.

It felt good to get away and live in the moment.

Sometimes, that’s what we all need as students—a break. We’re overwhelmed and overloaded with assignments, lectures, events and activities and what not, 24/7. There’s no time to breathe.

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hd student

Do you want to know the secrets of writing like an HD student? You may feel like it’s impossible to score a high distinction in your assignments. And the ways to go about it may vary among the different areas of study at your university.

But it is possible to ‘train’ yourself to get closer to scoring an HD. The ‘tips and tricks’ I’m about to share are not top management secrets; sometimes, they are hints and prompts from your course materials! Most of them will sound quite obvious. But you can’t imagine how many people forget about them when writing up their assignments.

Often, it all lies in the core of your assignment writing habits.

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Isn’t it why many of us procrastinate at school? Because we’re scared to fail? We’re given so many assignments to complete but we have no idea whether we have it in us to do them properly. What if we misunderstand the question? The moment we start doubting is the moment procrastination kicks in.

More than a year ago, I wrote a blog post about this type of anxiety-related procrastination, and here’s how I described it:

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feeling lonely at university

I was scrolling down my university’s Confessions page on Facebook (I’m sure yours has one too) and I noticed a worrying trend of posts written by new students about feeling lonely. And it got me thinking. Yes, we’ve all been there. But how did we get through it?

First, if you are feeling lonely at university, know that you’re technically not ‘alone’ in this situation. I know this is a cliché thing to write, but even in Canada, around 70% of students struggle with loneliness. Be aware that whatever you are going through right now is totally normal.

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how to get enough sleep

“I’m too busy to sleep.” Isn’t this familiar?

As the semester goes by, you’ll hear more and more of it—and you may even say it too. We’re university students. We know we need to get 8 hours of sleep every night. We know sleep is good for our health.

But we still don’t sleep enough. We have other priorities, like assignments or late night hangouts. Some of us feel some kind of ‘pride’ for sleeping only 4 hours a day, but others have had enough.

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ace an exam

Scared to drown in assignments this semester? Sign up for a free worksheet at the end the post!


Isn’t it too early to be thinking about exams?

You’ve barely eased into the university life and I’m already talking about exams. You want to relax and have fun! Besides, assignments are due first (and they’ll come before you know it!).

So what’s the catch?

A friend once told me that those who ace their exams at their university are those who study since day one. Soon, I found it was true. I realised that I did much better in subjects that I paid attention to since week one.

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I wrote before about how I overcame my anxiety in approaching people in the Clubs and Societies week when I had decided to join the Performing Arts Club. For me, joining a club is mandatory to get the best student experience on campus. It was the first thing I had to do when I arrived.

Whether your clubs and societies week is on the first or second week, joining one (or a few), while you are still new, will have a positive impact on your psychological well-being and your social life.

Joining a club can make your university life more meaningful and fulfilled. 

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