10 Date Ideas for College Students that Worked for Us

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date ideas college students

I apologise in advance for the quality of the pictures. I wanted to share real photos of the mentioned date ideas for college students that my boyfriend and I have tried because I figured it’d be more relatable that way 🙂

If you are a student who hangs around the Sunway area, KL and the likes, this list will be your best reference to affordable and fun date ideas you can use. Even if you’re not from Malaysia, the list can help you find similar events and places in your area.

Whether it’s to hang out with your significant other or your best friend, we’ve got you. Everything in this list was tried and tested; my boyfriend and I had the best times of our lives.

Disclaimer: Yes, we’re geeks and we love food. This list may not apply to students who don’t. But there are always alternatives out there.

Here it goes.

 1. Go for AnimeCons.

Anime conventions. The entrance fees are usually cheap and you get to walk among Cosplayers, watch concerts, competitions, and admire local arts and crafts artists. You can always find collectables or your favourite anime on a graphic T-shirt!

If you are a student who’s responsible with money, you won’t feel much of a strain on your wallet, unless you give in to the temptation (sometimes I do)!

I usually get notified of AnimeCons through Facebook events and my geeky friends 😉 If you’re in Sunway, the next one is Animangaki in August! See you there, maybe?

Alternatives: ComicCon, Bon Odori and other festivals.

The latest one I went to was C2AGE at HELP University.

 2. Hang out in a giant bookstore and watch dancing fountains.

Albeit being an expensive mall, KLCC is a great spot to visit in KL. There’s the food court where you can have a relatively affordable dinner while waiting for the dancing fountains to start their show.

The park there is also a really nice place to walk or jog if you get there before the sun sets. If not, we usually spend our time in Kinokuniya, the best and largest bookstore in Malaysia! My boyfriend especially loves to hang out at their manga and comics shelves.

Alternatives: Find the most iconic spot in your area and visit beautiful bookstores.

date ideas college students
Dancing fountains at KLCC.

 3. Watch local plays.

Being avid performing arts fans, we’ve been lucky to have been exposed to the local community; here, there’s KLPAC, DPAC, theatrethreesixty and more!

Mind you, I’m not just talking about the traditional theatre, like Shakespeare; on the contrary, these organisations are reinventing the stage, trying out new ways to perform. I went to a play once which was an interactive one, so you could walk around and discover bits and pieces of different stories. Some plays allow you to sit around the stage, instead of being in front.

Isn’t that amazing?

They usually have discounted prices for students, so that’s convenient.

I get to know about new plays through Facebook events and my friends from our performing arts club (since my boyfriend and I are heavily involved, we have Whatsapp groups for that).

Alternatives: There’s a play for everyone.

date ideas college students
Watching a play at DPAC.

 4. Hunt for the best cakes in town.

I’m a foodie and a sweet tooth, so it’s natural that I’ve been on the lookout for the best cake in town.

And I found it. It’s Jaslyn Cakes in Bangsar!

Have your date around coffee and cake. Wouldn’t it be sweet? 😉

Alternatives: What’s your favourite cake in town where you are? Let me know in the comments!

best cake
The best cakes in the area!

 5. Hunt for the best ice cream in town.

Hands down, the best ice cream franchise in Malaysia is Inside Scoop! What I like is they also have waffles… and alcoholic ice cream flavours! Moreover, the ice cream flavours vary on a daily basis, although their iconic flavours, like Teh Tarik and the Valrhona Chocolate, have always been there whenever I’ve visited.

They have several stores around KL; the closest one to Sunway is their branch at Taipan.

Alternatives: Fat Baby Ice Cream, Sangkaya… What is your favourite place to get ice cream where you are? Let me know in the comments!

best ice cream
The best ice cream in the Klang Valley!

 6. Go to a fancy bakery before their closing hours.

One day, out of the blue, my boyfriend decided to eat pastries at a bakery, right before dinner. We were in Bangsar and had been walking around for some time, therefore sitting at a fancy bakery, which ended up being Malaysia’s famous Tous Les Jours, was a relief.

The good thing about buying pastries in the evening is they’re all discounted. True, they are not as fresh as in the morning, but for students like us, it was good enough! The pastries were still very tasty. Besides, we sat by the window, which made that ‘date’ moment beautiful.

(Unfortunately, it seems that Tous Les Jours has closed permanently in Malaysia.)

Alternatives: Donutes Coffee & Bakery, Shakespeare Boulangerie & Patisserie (SS15)… What are the fancy bakeries you’ve always wanted to eat at in your area? Let me know in the comments!

Tous les jours bakery
Our date at Tous Les Jours bakery in Bangsar.

 7. Attend a workshop together.

We attended a theatre-related workshop a few months ago. It helps when your significant other shares similar interests with you. It pretty much saved our relationship, occurring right when we were on the verge of disagreements.

Doing something you both enjoy together is the way to go!

I found the workshop through Facebook events.

Alternatives: Any other workshops! Cooking, singing, writing… Or maybe a TED talk?

Because I don’t have any pictures from the actual workshop we attended.

 8. Cook a meal together.

Every Saturday, we’ve made it a tradition to cook our dinner together. Cooking together (which includes going grocery shopping) helps us bond and become even closer. This applies to friends as well! I’ve done it with my best friends and it’s a fun and cheap activity to do in college 🙂

Get some recipes from a cookbook or a website like Tastemade and get started!

Alternatives: Everyone needs to eat at some point.

fried chicken
The best Japanese fried chicken I’m able to cook 😉

 9. Explore Chinatown.

There’s usually always a place called Chinatown, wherever you are in the world. Sometimes, it could be called something else, but here’s the gist of it: cheap but delicious street food and unique shopping treasures. You can also bargain for cheap prices (if you’re skilled at it). It’s like a huge bazaar.

In Malaysia, Chinatown is also known as Petaling Street and is located at Pasar Seni. It’s easy to get there by train.

Alternatives: Go to the mall and find that section that feels like Chinatown. In Sunway Pyramid, it’s called Asian Avenue.

date ideas for college students
The things I used to do in Chinatown…

 10. Go on a day trip to any heritage town.

My boyfriend and I went on a day trip to Malacca, a beautiful heritage town in the south of Malaysia. It’s only 2-3 hours away from KL, so you don’t have to stay the night, compared to a trip to Penang, which is 5 hours away.

A day away from the city and into a new adventure… isn’t that a great date idea? My favourite part is the food and the art!

Oh, and it is affordable to travel around Malaysia.

Alternatives: Ipoh. Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments!


A temple in Malacca.

So that’s my list of favourite date ideas! These worked for us; we enjoyed those particular dates a lot. But every relationship is different, so what are the best date ideas you have tried?


Let me know in the comments below!

D. K. Waye.



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