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It’s that time of the semester—that time which we’ve been pushing out of our minds and when procrastination is at its highest. Exams are the worst. You barely have time to prepare for the number of papers awaiting you—especially if all of them are scheduled in the same week, or worse… on the same days!…Continue Reading “11 Must-Know Exam Revision Tips That Work For Real!”

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If this is your first time writing a research essay at your university, then this article is for you. At the time I’m writing this, many of you may have reached the end of your semester… which, for Arts students at least, is the most hectic week in terms of final projects and assignments!

Here’s something I think will get you to review the core of your essay. It’s back to basics time! After all, a minor mistake in the format or referencing style can make a huge difference between a distinction and a credit. Maybe these are things you’ve stopped thinking about, but from my experience, they are the most important in writing your best essays.

So here are the five steps to getting started on your research essay for the first time.

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The assignment is due in a few hours. You’re screwed. I’ll keep this post short. Feel free to skim through it. Time is precious. First Find a permanent desk. Whether you’re furiously typing at home or in the library, stay where you are. Keep this place as your working table for the next few hours (or…Continue Reading “How To Complete Your Last-Minute Assignment On Time”

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I have been struggling with self-discipline ever since I joined my university. And the more time passed, the less disciplined and messier my university life became. This came as a surprise to me because back in secondary school, we were taught how to be disciplined… and I had no problems with it. I would work for my O- and A-levels while writing three blog posts a week! Now, the moment something happens and gets me busier, I can barely follow my own blogging schedule.

I think it’s the lack of a stable structure at my university that weakened my self-discipline. Have you looked at your timetable? Classes and tutorials are all over the place and some of them change according to the week. Back in secondary school, I had to wake up at 6 a.m. every day because school started at 8 a.m. every day. At university, sometimes my day will start at 8 a.m. but at other times it’ll start at 2 p.m.!

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If you’re in Malaysia, here’s to a long weekend, right in the middle of the semester! It’s Merdeka! Perfect time to chill and/or party! Or is it, really? Many of us would use this opportunity to catch up on school work, because, let’s admit it, the past few weeks were hard on us.

University is a beast sometimes. You come in for the first weeks, chill for a while, and slowly dive into the programme. And without warning, there’s suddenly a pile of assignments before you! How did we get here?!

And since then, we’ve been running around like headless chickens, struggling to catch up on readings and tutorials, while meeting all the deadlines. And oh, here it comes, the sweet call of procrastination. Where’s the motivation to work? How do you stay focused?

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hd student

Do you want to know the secrets of writing like an HD student? You may feel like it’s impossible to score a high distinction in your assignments. And the ways to go about it may vary among the different areas of study at your university.

But it is possible to ‘train’ yourself to get closer to scoring an HD. The ‘tips and tricks’ I’m about to share are not top management secrets; sometimes, they are hints and prompts from your course materials! Most of them will sound quite obvious. But you can’t imagine how many people forget about them when writing up their assignments.

Often, it all lies in the core of your assignment writing habits.

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Isn’t it why many of us procrastinate at school? Because we’re scared to fail? We’re given so many assignments to complete but we have no idea whether we have it in us to do them properly. What if we misunderstand the question? The moment we start doubting is the moment procrastination kicks in.

More than a year ago, I wrote a blog post about this type of anxiety-related procrastination, and here’s how I described it:

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ace an exam

Scared to drown in assignments this semester? Read on and get a free assignment worksheet at the end of the post!


Isn’t it too early to be thinking about exams?

You’ve barely eased into the university life and I’m already talking about exams. You want to relax and have fun! Besides, assignments are due first (and they’ll come before you know it!).

So what’s the catch?

A friend once told me that those who ace their exams at their university are those who study since day one. Soon, I found it was true. I realised that I did much better in subjects that I paid attention to since week one.

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This is not going to be a generic back-to-college checklist. The usual lists out there are lengthy and contain materials you probably won’t need at all. Checklists I’ve come across are filled with school supplies which you will soon stop using once you get into a university. I used to have a DIY pencil case…Continue Reading “An Honest Back-to-College Checklist | #BackToSchool”