These past few months have not been easy. Fuck the sugarcoating: transitioning from being an international student in a foreign country to being back at your parents’ house and re-adapting to your old life is a painful process. It’s harder when the culture and lifestyle you’ve been enjoying for 3 years don’t match the ones in your home country.

It’s worse when you’ve got no friends to return to once you’re home.

And, from personal experience, it’s even worse when you start a new job right after you’ve arrived. No time to settle into old routines. No time to recharge and go through the whirl of emotions going through your head.

Unfortunately, time doesn’t stop. Life goes on, even when you have the post-grad blues. It feels like a race, sometimes, where you can’t slow down or stop, or you’ll feel like you’re falling behind.

If you’re going through this right now, know that you’re not alone. And know that it will slowly but surely get better. 

But how? The first step is to find a hobby.

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Throughout my life, I’ve found it easier to give up on my professional dreams rather than relationships. Ever since I was a young teenager, I’d be discouraged to pursue anything ‘artsy’ as a career path. But at school, with my friends, I’d learnt to never give up on your feelings.

I was allowed to love, but I wasn’t allowed to dream. 

The term ‘unrequited love’ was the definition of my love life for as long as I remember falling in love. Yet, it only made sense to me to keep on trying. I’d get rejected by a guy, but as soon as another guy would come along, I’d forget all about the previous one and pursue the next.

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