spending trap

The other day, my dad gave me one of the worst financial advice I’d ever heard from an adult (sorry dad).

We were talking about saving money, which was pretty much one of my most important student life principles, and I told him how I could’ve bought the new Samsung Galaxy S8 (but didn’t because at that moment it would have literally brought down my savings account to 0). Instead, I decided to be an angel by using the money to pay for my own expenses (including rent) for my 3-week graduation trip.

Here’s what he told me: “You know, Daphnee, you’re young so you should enjoy life and spend on whatever you want.”

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Many of my friends tell me it’s hard to save money as a student, and I couldn’t agree more. Each of us is put into different financial situations, and frankly, the luckiest ones are those who get a monthly allowance from their parents. Oh, you thought everyone had that?

In my three years of study, I’ve met many kinds of people, and many are either willing to or forced to earn a living on their own. If they wanted money, they had to EARN it. Most of them are local students, who luckily have a home to return to and someone to cook meals for them. But it doesn’t mean it’s easier for them… nor for international students who have to make do with any inconveniences that come their way.

Many of the tips I’ve included in the list below WORK FOR REAL. Many of them come from my own experience while others come from the most common and effective strategies I’ve read again and again online. And believe me, I’ve been reading about personal finance since December 2015.

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