Towards living your dreams.

I created the above tagline for this year quite out of the blue, at random. But the more I think about it, the more these words ring true.

This blog first started as an international student blog, created after three years of being an undergraduate student in a foreign country, in which I was determined to share all the knowledge that I have accumulated to everyone out there, looking for some guidance or clarity, not from a campus representative, but from another student.

However, as I graduated and entered the adult world and the workforce, this blog evolved into a self-help guide not only for graduates but also young working adults.

We are going through what I believe to be the toughest time of our lives yet, and it is by sharing our experience and advice that we can support each other go through our struggles to “make it” in life while staying true to ourselves and our dreams.

In any case, let me introduce myself.

My name is Daphnée, and ‘D. K. Waye’ is a shortened version of my full name, which is how the blog got its name. I’m from Mauritius, and I’ve just finished my 3-year undergraduate degree at Monash University Malaysia. I’m graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences), majoring in Psychology and minoring in Screen Studies.

During my time at Monash, I’ve faced many challenges, including moving out because campus accommodation sucks, making new friends every single year, interning at two different places—one which required me to travel all the way up to Penang Island and settle there—, working remotely, being in charge of a club, ask a guy out (he said yes!), building an emergency fund, and much more.

And this is not counting the endless struggles I’m currently facing as a young working adult who is back in her home country.

With that said, I hope that this blog will provide you with at least some insight, motivation or inspiration to keep going.

There are no limits to this blog; I’m sure there’ll be more to come as I write (and ‘grow up’ to become an adult in the real world)! You can definitely leave me suggestions.

Finally, I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism on my posts; do not hesitate to keep the conversation going and share your opinions, even if you disagree with me.

With that said, I’m looking forward to starting this new blogging journey with you.

D. K. Waye.