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When I was at my lowest a few days ago, I topped up my Paypal wallet with $20 and bought the digital version of the Artist of Life Workbook 2019, a yearly type of planner created by Lavendaire. Being the frugal girl I am, it would usually take me days before deciding on a purchase, especially if it was online and in USD.

But this particular purchase didn’t need a lot of convincing. I’ve been following Lavendaire for a while now, especially her podcast, though she is also very well-known on YouTube, and I love her soothing voice and mindful topics she chooses to talk about. It’s great content if you are feeling low or stressed and need to calm down.

When I saw her latest video about the 2019 workbook, I was in a vulnerable state. I’d say it was perfect timing because I didn’t know where I was going with my life and I need direction. Besides, I’ve always been a fan of planners, resolutions and goal-setting. I usually am the type of person who loves to reflect on the year on the 31st December… and I often blog about it.

Anyway, her latest video consisted of her filling the workbook, more precisely the first 4 questions to reflect on before starting off the new year. She shared her answers openly, even though the questions are quite personal and introspective. And I felt that if I answered these 4 questions as well, it would change the way I see my life and goals for 2019.

Artist of life

So I bought the Artist of Life Workbook 2019 (because, of course, there are more than just those 4 questions) and today, January 1st 2019, I also want to share the 4 questions with you, as well as my answers, as I wrote them on the first try, in the hopes that you can also benefit from them and lead you to start off 2019 in a better state of mind.

Setting a theme

Before we get to the 4 questions, the Artist of Life workbook asks you to set a theme for 2019. As Lavendaire puts it so well: Your new year theme is a word/phrase that represents what you want to bring into your life and continue to focus on throughout the year. It’s your guiding light.

My initial title for this blog post was ‘Heal with me in 2019’ because that’s the theme I chose: Healing. 

2018 was a scary roller coaster. It hasn’t been very kind to me most of the time. I’ve had my periods of joy and the illusion of getting somewhere, but as 2019 starts, I realise that I may just have been running round and round. My self-esteem went down; I neglected myself mentally and physically; I had serious breakdowns and what closely resembles depressive episodes.

Thus, in 2019, I want to heal myself, focus on my well-being and not be so hard on myself.

Moving on to the Artist of Life Workbook questions! And my honest, unfiltered answers.

#1: What can I do to live my theme in 2019?

  • Take care of myself – physically, mentally, socially – in all aspects of life. Be more gentle and listen to my body.
  • Find my creative self again by allowing myself to write more, read more and discover more. Definitely work on a novel.
  • Plan a meaningful trip.
  • Maintain dear friendships and make time for people. Make new meaningful friendships.
  • Slow down.
  • Learn to de-stress and to lift burdens off my shoulders when I need to.
  • Remind myself that my career is not everything and a lot of things do not mean the end of the world.
  • Be more positive about life.
  • Play music more often… it heals the soul.

#2: How do I want to feel in 2019?

  • I want to feel fulfilled and self-motivated, to feel loved, not only by others but mostly by myself.
  • I want to feel at peace with myself.
  • I want to feel the simple joy of being in my own company.
  • I want to feel complete with myself.
  • I want to be able to accept myself.

#3: What do I want to invite into my life in 2019?

  • Creativity and passion.
  • Curiosity and risk.
  • Peace and forgiveness.
  • Genuine and meaningful relationships. Love.
  • Direction and purpose.
  • Strength and courage to face fear.

#4: What will I let go of in 2019?

  • Stress and fear of failure, disappointment and rejection.
  • Caring about social status and appearances and how other people think you are doing.
  • Opinions of others on my own life.
  • Social media. For sure. This includes scrolling Facebook mindlessly as much as Instagram.
  • Loneliness.

artist of life

Here you go! Honestly, aren’t these questions eye-opening? I’m even thinking of printing them and sticking them to my wall as a daily reminder.

Eventually, I invite you to reflect on those 4 questions. Find your theme of the year and write your answers to those questions. Feel free to share them in the comments below too, if you are comfortable with that. 

If you are a lost soul wandering in life aimlessly, like me, I believe you’d find this most useful.

Here’s to a better year. Happy new year 2019, everyone!

D. K. Waye.

*This post is absolutely not sponsored. Just my genuine opinions on the Artist of Life Workbook 2019.

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