cooking or eating out

Do you prefer cooking or eating out when you’re in college? If you’re an international student like me, you know how much of a dilemma the question ‘what should I eat today?’ is.

It is a life-and-death situation since no one else is there to feed you.

That’s how it feels to be an adult.

Cooking your meals seems to be the right and responsible answer. It is also cheaper. But, in reality, being university students makes the whole situation more complicated.

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date ideas college students

I apologise in advance for the quality of the pictures. I wanted to share real photos of the mentioned date ideas for college students that my boyfriend and I have tried because I figured it’d be more relatable that way 🙂

If you are a student who hangs around the Sunway area, KL and the likes, this list will be your best reference to affordable and fun date ideas you can use. Even if you’re not from Malaysia, the list can help you find similar events and places in your area.

Whether it’s to hang out with your significant other or your best friend, we’ve got you. Everything in this list was tried and tested; my boyfriend and I had the best times of our lives.

Disclaimer: Yes, we’re geeks and we love food. This list may not apply to students who don’t. But there are always alternatives out there.

Here it goes.

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approach someone

The first time in my university life I was scared to approach someone was during my first Clubs & Societies (C&S) week.

In my first days at university, although I was able to overcome my shyness and make friends, I never had to actively approach someone, meaning that I would usually talk to people who were next to me and happened to be around.

I never had eyes on someone, in particular. However, during my first C&S week, I had my eyes on a very special booth.

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get over being shy

Many of my friends don’t believe me when I say this but I used to be a VERY SHY PERSON. I felt uncomfortable socialising and preferred to keep quiet with my book in a corner of the room.

At least, that’s how my family members saw me. Hanging out with my friends was another world.

Hanging out with my friends was like being in a parallel universe. I would jump around and be a chatterbox.

(Now that I think about it, I may have been shy intentionally, i.e. I’d be shy whenever it suited me.)

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make friends at university

I’ll be honest with you. Most students can’t make friends on their first day because simply put, the most effective ways to make friends at university are the most intimidating ones.

If you are more of an introvert, it will be challenging. Feel your heart beating fast already? It’s normal to be nervous. If you make your first moves right, this stage of your university life will be over soon. So, are you up for it?

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getting into a relationship

Know what you’re getting into. A relationship is a full-time job.  Some people talk about it being easier to find the love of your life at college or university, but it is not always the case. Getting into a relationship at university is not as glamorous as it may sound. Believe me, I’ve been there. I’m currently 1.5 years into a relationship, my first, and one that started in university. My boyfriend and I had our ups and downs, but we made it through so far….Continue Reading “Is It Worth Getting Into A Relationship At University?”

make your relationship work

Although this blog is mainly aimed at college and university students, these questions also apply to anyone who is currently in a relationship or has just started dating. It’s not very clear-cut when you are new to this, and if you are studying at university at the same time, like I did, it will be challenging to make your relationship work. 

There are many things that, if settled and discussed right from the beginning, will leave you with less trouble or misunderstandings in the future. They won’t be the same for every couple, but nevertheless, here are ten questions to get you started in making your relationship work and having a better mutual understanding of things.

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balance work and study

I’ve mentioned this in my previous post, but I feel that the skill of self-motivation also applies in the context of how to balance work and study and social life altogether in University.

If you are like me, you love handling multiple projects at the same time from different parts of your life. You strive to get good grades AND be active in campus activities AND explore places outside of campus. Frankly, I would hate to be someone who studies 24/7. There’s got to be at least a side hobby.

Of course, spreading yourself thin (but not too thin) has drawbacks because you might get good grades but not necessarily excellent ones. But it’s fine by me. I’m not a perfectionist. If you are also not bothered by this, you can definitely learn to balance work and study and life.

However, to do that you HAVE to be able to self-motivate yourself.

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Many of my friends tell me it’s hard to save money as a student, and I couldn’t agree more. Each of us is put into different financial situations, and frankly, the luckiest ones are those who get a monthly allowance from their parents. Oh, you thought everyone had that?

In my three years of study, I’ve met many kinds of people, and many are either willing to or forced to earn a living on their own. If they wanted money, they had to EARN it. Most of them are local students, who luckily have a home to return to and someone to cook meals for them. But it doesn’t mean it’s easier for them… nor for international students who have to make do with any inconveniences that come their way.

Many of the tips I’ve included in the list below WORK FOR REAL. Many of them come from my own experience while others come from the most common and effective strategies I’ve read again and again online. And believe me, I’ve been reading about personal finance since December 2015.

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don't give up

Before this website became a Survival Guide for University Students, I was planning to turn it into a freelance writing blog. You see, when I’m not studying, I write. In fact, I’ve been blogging since 2011. But I never thought of writing as a way to make money on the side. That was until I got my first writing job with Vulcan Post.

This website didn’t end up as a freelance writing blog because I don’t have enough experience yet, as compared to my university experience. Nevertheless, I figured I should tell the story of how I got my first freelance writing job because it might help students who look for writing jobs during the semester and because it is a reminder that one should never stop trying.

Grab your cup of coffee/tea, sit back and read on.

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