Don’t panic. When this happened to me, my friend and I panicked for about an hour before taking action. But delaying the problem will not solve it. I think this is the worst that can happen to an international student: missing an exam in their very last semester of their degree. Especially if the student visa expires right after the exams (like in Malaysia). Often, missing an exam is hugely unintentional: it can be due to a sudden illness… or carelessness (for example, messing up the time and…Continue Reading “What To Do If You Miss An Exam In Your Last Semester”

travelling as a student

I apologise for being MIA (Missing In Action) for a whole week on this blog. Last week I went on a break by travelling to Penang—no email checking, no writing and nothing related to ‘work’.

It felt good to get away and live in the moment.

Sometimes, that’s what we all need as students—a break. We’re overwhelmed and overloaded with assignments, lectures, events and activities and what not, 24/7. There’s no time to breathe.

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cooking or eating out

Do you prefer cooking or eating out when you’re in college? If you’re an international student like me, you know how much of a dilemma the question ‘what should I eat today?’ is.

It is a life-and-death situation since no one else is there to feed you.

That’s how it feels to be an adult.

Cooking your meals seems to be the right and responsible answer. It is also cheaper. But, in reality, being university students makes the whole situation more complicated.

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Let me tell you a thing or two about student accommodation in Malaysia, specifically in the Sunway area, where Monash University is situated.

Firstly, there are a lot of options for students—the area is buzzing with student-friendly condominiums and houses. However, if you are a new international student coming here, your options will probably be narrowed down by on-campus accommodation (which is obviously overpriced, unless you are willing to pay for the convenience of getting out of bed 5 minutes before class and still making it) and Sunway Group affiliated apartments. Of course, you can eventually move out to the better alternatives once you are settled.

Secondly, international students are unlikely to share rooms, at least from my experience, therefore opting for the single room option instead of getting a roommate. I have never shared a room with someone, although I do have a shared bathroom (split between 3 of us, girls). Many also go for the option of having an attached bathroom to spare them from sharing it.

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I don’t know about your parents, but mine, being the typical Asians, always go for the best bargain, and by ‘best’, I mean ‘cheap and easy’.

Shattered after not receiving a full scholarship to UK universities, they had decided to send me to Malaysia to study.  After all, it would be affordable, and I’ll still be able to get Quality Education (hello, Monash, you who have a 33.4% failure rate—second best!). But there were a few things that they’d miscalculated. Studying in Malaysia is not as straightforward as it sounds.

So here are the three biggest misconceptions [Mauritian/my] parents have about studying in Malaysia:

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Whether you are a teenager fresh out of high school and preparing for studying abroad or you are a current University student about to go on an exchange/transfer program—this piece of advice is for you. As a Mauritian, I’ve always been fed hazy dreams about going abroad to study. Because going abroad makes you more successful, they say. Because it’s what smart people do, they say. Although these statements are debatable, studying abroad does expand your possibilities and life experience. But, know that it is not…Continue Reading “An Open Letter to Those Who Are Preparing for Studying Abroad”